A Different Kind of Hearing Practice: The Adrian Way

Hearing Aid Center Near Stockbridge

Adrian Hearing Center provides the highest quality hearing aids on the market. Choose from both behind the ear and in the ear models in a variety of styles and designs. Our available hearing aid styles include:

  • Behind the ear
  • Receiver in canal
  • In the ear
  • In the canal
  • Completely in canal
  • Invisible

Not sure which style is the best for you? We will provide you with guidance to make the most appropriate selection.

Following your hearing consultation and evaluation, we will learn more about your lifestyle. Once we gain a better understanding of your daily routine and audiology needs, we will work with you to select the most appropriate hearing aid.

It is our goal to make the entire process as comfortable as possible. From fine-tuning your hearing aids to providing you with resources to help you adjust to the sounds around you, we are available to assist throughout every stage.

At Adrian Hearing Center, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Contact us today to learn more about our audiology services near Stockbridge, MI.

If you need assistance with Eargo, Walmart hearing aids, Audien, Invisible, etc., please call Dr. Rankin’s office at 517 662-3111. We can help.

Patient Reviews

Supurb service and highly professional. Wouldn’t trust my hearing with anyone else!

Chris M.

Patient Reviews

I have seen Dr. Rankin for 10 years, at this newer clinic and at her prior clinic. Her diagnostic skills, practical advice, and cheerful calm go a long ways.

Ingrid G.

Patient Reviews

I love, love, love my new hearing aids! Dr. Rankin listened to my complaints and my inability to adapt to certain types of hearing aides.

Patti T.
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